My friends and I participated in the 2880 contest 4 times, starting in 2005. These are the results of our team’s efforts. I’ll add movies from other years and other teams in the future if I’m able to track some down and get permission.

2005 – The Blind Date

My team first participated in the 2880 contest back in 2005. It was the first movie we ever made. We did pretty well – we placed 3rd, and we got the Audience Choice Award. The criteria was:

  • Prop: Eye Glasses
  • Dialog: She could have made the cut.
  • Theme: Slick

2006 – Ball Gags

For our second entry, we stuck with the silent film theme. We were honored with the first place prize that year. The criteria:

  • Prop: Beach ball
  • Dialog: Pop goes the weasel.
  • Theme: Sucking up

2007 – Victoria’s Secret

We made our first “talkie” for our third time out. We didn’t even place in the top 10 that year, but here it is, anyway. The criteria:

  • Prop: A religious symbol
  • Dialog: What’s that smell?
  • Theme: Danger

2008 – What Enos Did for Love

In our final run at the 2880, we channeled our inner rednecks and placed 2nd. We also won the Audience Choice Award for the second time. The criteria:

  • Prop: A live animal
  • Dialog: It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.
  • Theme: Trust